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We provide exceptional acupuncture and complementary healthcare services to Lexington, MA and the surrounding areas.
Established in 2003 by skilled practitioners and educators, we have the knowledge, experience, & compassion to work with you to achieve a pain-free life.

You can feel better and we can help!



As of 5/11/23, masks are still encouraged though no longer mandatory.

However, our practitioners will continue to wear masks in support of our

immune-compromised clients.

If you have any upper respiratory symptoms, you will be required to mask in our office or to reschedule your appointment to a later time.



By the time you consider acupuncture, you may have been to many specialists and received multiple diagnoses. You might wonder what there is to gain by visiting yet another specialist.

We get it. We've been there ourselves.

Our practitioners excel in diagnosing complex cases and tailoring protocols to fit your needs. And our extensive clinical experience means that in most cases, we can help you quickly regain optimum health.

Acupuncture is usually all you'll need to feel good again, but we also offer Herbal Medicine and Craniosacral Therapy when your situation requires a little something extra.



is the practice of penetrating the skin with thin, solid, stainless steel needles which are then activated through gentle and specific movements of the practitioner's hands. Widely accepted as effective for chronic and acute pain conditions, you can read more about its usage here

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Herbal Medicine is a traditional East Asian practice that is implemented very differently than simple supplementation. Using traditional and modern diagnostics, a formula composed of synergistic herbs is prescribed based on your unique pattern of presentation and symptoms


Craniosacral Therapy 

is used for nervous system regulation, healing from stress, and normalizing movement. Especially good for - but not limited to - concussions and other traumatic injuries, practitioners use a gentle, non-invasive touch to coax soft tissue into returning to its original state



Our unique approach combines elements of acupuncture lineages from China, Japan, and America into a clinically-proven model that works for modern clients. Utilizing expertly delivered, relaxing therapies in soothing, private rooms, our practitioners have successfully treated back and joint pain; headaches; digestive and gut pain; gynecological pain, and many other conditions. Even anxiety and emotional pain can be eased with a series of calming and centering treatments.



Health isn't simply the absence of disease. Maintaining health relies on wellness, which is cultivated through lifestyle choices like diet, exercise, and rest. Our treatments, combined with advice to support wellbeing, can help reduce stress and anxiety; improve sleep and energy; and become part of your integrated maintenance plan. 


Better than injectables! Needles are gently and skillfully inserted in the face to stimulate collagen production and reduce the tension that causes deep lines. Unlike injection procedures, facial acupuncture addresses the skin’s overall health, rather than just the signs of aging. And you'll experience acupuncture's relaxing, anti-inflammatory effect throughout your whole body.

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Dedicated athletes and devoted exercisers can be prone to injury, especially soft tissue and ligament damage. Our treatments can minimize recovery time and help you achieve (and even exceed!) your athletic and fitness goals. We use acupuncture and related modalities to speed healing, relieve pain and stiffness, and increase muscle strength and stamina.


Children love acupuncture! Different from acupressure, we use specially designed, blunt-ended acupuncture equipment from Japan to provide a safe and painless experience that powerfully improves your child’s health. Our pediatric treatments are gentle, friendly, and fun while also being incredibly effective. And sensitive or anxious adults can benefit from this type of acupuncture as well.


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Does the thought of needles make you feel faint? Our practitioners know how to adjust needle depth and stimulation for the even the most delicate constitution. If you've ever felt like a treatment was "too much",

or been told that discomfort was necessary to achieve your acupuncture goals, come give us a try.



In 1999, founding partners Rachel Hartstein and Zachary Parsons were already practicing acupuncturists when they met in an Aikido class. Despite having worked as a healer for almost a decade, Rachel struggled with dizziness and fatigue that lingered after a severe case of vertigo. And, after a debilitating back injury in college, Zach was never far from pain, which greatly restricted his ability to move and enjoy life.


Both had sought expert conventional and alternative medical care, which helped, but didn't heal. Over time, and many hours-long conversations and collaborative treatments, Zach cured Rachel’s chronic exhaustion, and Rachel fixed Zach’s back. This taught them the power of problem-solving in partnership, and they began working as a team to best serve their respective clients. They've been supporting the local community together in their East Lexington location since 2003.




62 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA  02420

Our office entrance is in the back of the building.

Please park in our Sylvia Street lot, then take the path from there to the back door.

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