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How You Can Stop Smoking with Acupuncture

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We recently received this testimonial and felt it warranted its own blog post. Many people are aware of acupuncture's efficacy in treating pain or some internal medical problems. Most, however, are not aware of how incredibly helpful acupuncture can be in helping someone break an addiction, such as smoking. In fact, there is a long history in this country of using acupuncture to do just that, and you can learn more about the history of "acudetox" at this link. The following is our client's experience with utilizing acupuncture to quit smoking:

"I’m 28 years old and have been smoking cigarettes since I was 17. I’ve always hated this vice for obvious reasons and felt a lot of shame for not being able to put them down. I’ve been trying to stop since I was 24 years old. Four years of making it a day or two and then ultimately giving into unbearable cravings. Friends of mine, who once joined me outdoors, were smoke-free and living much healthier lives. I knew I wanted to quit and I knew Zach, Rachel, and Sarah could help. I’ve been coming on and off to Acupuncture Partners for a few years now for help with anxiety, acne problems, and fighting off colds and headaches. Acupuncture has been a diamond in the rough for me. I was told that when I’m ready to stop smoking to let them know.

My last day of smoking was on Monday, March 5th, 2018. I smoked an entire pack knowing the following day, I was going to have the day off and could go see Zach for a treatment. I’ve tried to quit before, and I was well aware of the battle to come. I wanted to be prepared. Tuesday came and I was miserable. I woke up wanting a cigarette with my coffee. Driving in the car I wanted a cigarette. I was going nuts!!! I couldn’t concentrate on anything. It was difficult to even hold a conversation. I wanted a cigarette so badly. But I wanted to be done even more.

Finally, my appointment had come and I told Zach about my goal and how much discomfort I was in. He immediately went to work and I was so happy I went. On the table I felt calm and the craving noises in my head quieted down. The anxiety decompressed, not entirely, but enough where I felt it was very manageable. I left feeling good and nervous. I was telling people I’m quitting smoking!!! I didn’t want to give in and fail. Again!

Zach recommended I come see them twice in that week to help curb the worst of the withdrawals. I was totally fine with that. And then weekly visits until I felt I had it. I’m writing this on my one month cigarette-free day. One month to someone might not sound like much. To a heavy pack + a day smoker, like myself, it’s a pretty big deal! I am proud of myself. I am unbelievably grateful for the support and care and words of wisdom, advice, everything, Zach and Rachel and Sarah offered. They never for a moment made me feel judged or uncomfortable. They offer a very nurturing, safe, serene environment where you feel nothing but good energy. I could not have done this without their support and I’m so happy they are there for me! I have tried medications, the gum, the patch, cold turkey on my own. Nothing worked out. I remembered Zach and Rachel telling me to let them know when I want to quit... wouldn’t you know it, they were right! This is what helped me and keeps helping me. I strongly suggest giving it a go. Thank you guys!!!"

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